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The 2nd Stage of the Tour De Hongrie Starts from Debrecen

The biggest Hungarian bicycle race of the year is the Tour de Hongrie, which will take place for the 41st time in 2020. The Tour de Hongrie starts at the Basilica in Esztergom and ends at Kékestető.

The 41st Tour de Hongrie will take place from August 29th to September 2nd, 2020, with 120 competitors from 20 teams scheduled to compete in the UCI 2.1 category. The goal of the organizers is to meet one of the important criteria for entering the Pro Series: for this, at least fourteen World Tour and/or Pro Team bands must participate in this year’s Hungarian Circuit. Based on the preliminary negotiations, in addition to five World Tour teams, ten Pro Teams are also expected to come to the most prestigious Hungarian cycling competition.

No significant changes in this year’s race will occur, the competition will begin section taking place in orbit around Esztergom, this day provides a good opportunity for the capital city, for bikers and sports fans living in the area to support and cheer competitors participating at their prestigious international competition, it is one of the cult sites of the sport, – the Pilisi In a park/forest on the podium slopes. This stage will be 118 kilometers long, the field will cover three laps, but the bikers will still collect 1963 meters of elevation during this time.

The second stage starts from Debrecen and reaches the finish line in Hajdúszoboszló, on the third day the field winds between Karcag and Nyíregyháza, on the fourth day the distance between Sárospatak and Kazincbarcika must be completed.

The trial of the Tour de Hongrie is framed by the final stage, the royal wall, the highest point of Miskolc and Hungary, the distance between Kékestető will be 188 kilometers, but the competitors have to climb twice to Mátraháza, and the second time to the top of Kékes, this day it holds a total of 3259 meters of elevation for yellow leotard applicants.

The 41st Tour De Hongrie Program

Stage 1, Saturday, August 29: Esztergom-Esztergom, 118 km
Stage 2, August 30, Sunday: Debrecen-Hajdúszoboszló, 158 km
Stage 3, August 31, Monday: Karcag-Nyíregyháza, 182 km
4. Section, September 1, Tuesday: Sárospatak-Kazincbarcika, 171 km
Section 5, Wednesday, September 2: Miskolc-Gyöngyös-Kékestető, 188 km

The program of the 2nd stage, which starts from Debrecen:

Sunday, August 30,
Stage 2, Debrecen – Hajdúszoboszló (158 km)
Start (Debrecen, Nagyerdei körút): 13:00
Expected finish (Hajdúszoboszló, Hősök tere): 16:30

Support? Free!

Many are preparing to support the international field this year. Due to the epidemic, the organizers were forced to introduce some restrictive measures, but this should not be an obstacle for fans who can spectate from along the highway or even meeting the teams at the start or finish cities. The only restriction is that you can only cheer in a mask in accordance with the International Cycling Federation’s standards, thus minimizing the risk of transmitting the infection.

Wearing a mask, the start and finish areas are also accessible, and photos of athletes and teams (a fair distance) can be taken. However, do not ask for or accept souvenirs (bottles, caps) from the competitors, do not collect bottles thrown in the refreshment zones!

In the environment of award ceremonies, organizers increase the safety distance. Team buses and in the immediate vicinity of the accommodation will be blocked from fans, so for example, it will not be possible to take a selfie or ask for an autograph this year. The organizers are asking fans not to look for the opportunity to meet the competitors this year, to take joint photos, because this will also put the cyclists in an awkward position and, if necessary, the international federation may impose a penalty on the organizer. They are asked to cheer by following the rules introduced during the epidemic.

Live television broadcasting

This year, M4Sport considers it a priority to be able to show the Tour de Hongrie at the highest possible level and as close as possible to the spectators, presenting the sights and characteristics of the route during the international sporting event. The sports channel will broadcast live about the Hungarian Circuit Competition this year as well.

It is planned that there will be a one and a half to two hour broadcast on M4Sport every day (due to football matches on Sunday at Duna World, where M4Sport + will also be shown in this time zone from mid-September).

More information about the competition: https://www.tourdehongrie.hu/