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The Csokonai Theatre Prepares for the Premiere of The Troubadour with World Class Stars

The Csokonai Theatre is preparing for the premiere of The Troubadour with a cast of world-class stars. It’s been almost been 30 years since Verdi’s opera was last performed in Debrecen, even though it is one of his most popular works, alongside Rigoletto and Traviata. Conductor János Ács, who has conducted eight different productions of Troubadour in different parts of the world, recommends Verdi’s masterpiece to those who like emotionally profound music.

“In the new production of Troubadour, the audience will see a traditional staging by director Péter Gemza, which I am very happy about because these works do not need to be dressed up in new clothes at any price.

The troubadour is an amazing challenge for singers. It’s also a change in the sense that previously mezzo-sopranos didn’t have a big role in Verdi operas.

For us, the biggest miracle is that Erika Gál, who will sing the role in Debrecen, is a world-class singer with a beautiful voice and extraordinary acting skills.

It is a great gift to have an Italian tenor. It is Riccardo Massi, who has sung this role at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, and also the role of Kalaf in Turandot. The audience in Debrecen will see and hear what a great choice Massi is.

We have a wonderful Mihály Kálmándy, who sang at rehearsals at a level I have never heard in Hungary. It is no coincidence that we also met in Italy. He is also a real world-class singer. And we have a soprano I didn’t know before, Zsuzsanna Ádám, who will be an ideal Leonora with her stunning voice and wonderful stage presence. If Providence wills that we arrive at the premiere without any illnesses, the audience will see a beautiful and true Troubadour.”

Conductor János Ács

The premiere of The Troubadour will take place on 18th February at the Kölcsey Centre.