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The Elephant Catcher – A Wonderful Exhibition for Children

An exhibition of the works of the illustrator of the year has opened at Debrecen’s Déri Museum in the House of Literature. Alexandra Grela’s works were created for poems and children’s stories.

Illustration by Alexandra Grela

The Elephant Catcher exhibition fills three exhibition rooms of the institution. One of the main aims of the House of Literature is to “create” readers for fiction, it may seem strange to use images to inspire reading, but experts say that the impact of the image is nowadays stronger than the text, after all the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is an old one.

This exciting contemporary exhibition in Debrecen is the collection of Polish-born Alexandra Grela and has never been exhibited in one piece before. Among the pieces are several illustrations for books written specifically for children, but there are also illustrations for poems by Ady and Pilinszky. István Puskás, deputy mayor of Debrecen, said: “It’s an exciting contemporary exhibition in Debrecen.

It is a special, yet traditional exhibition because Debrecen has a centuries-old tradition of book illustration, which has always been present in the cultural life of the city, along with 460 years of book printing,” said Deputy Mayor István Puskás at the opening.