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The Great Forest of Debrecen is Turning into a Magical Forest

Debrecen’s Great Forest will be enhanced further with another spectacular attraction, – evening light displays. As part of the project, on the promenade and on Pallagi út, new light display installation will be made in Pope John Paul II Square.

As an investment of the Debrecen municipality, nearly 3,000 square meters of paving will be built in the Nagyerdei park, near the new Aquaticum Strandfürdő, for car and pedestrian use, 31 benches and 15 waste collectors, thousands of shrubs, perennials and ornamental grasses, and an automatic irrigation system.

The playground is to be given a rubber cover and climbing elements are formed in it with varying degrees of difficulty and of differing heights.

For the planned new light display, an outdoor decorative lighting lamp will be placed on a prefabricated support structure with 212 LED burners that will illuminate the water vapor as part of the programmable water attraction.

To improve public and space lighting, candelabra and columns will be placed and a programmable water attraction will also be built with a length of about 50 meters, with immersed nozzles to create a water spray.

With the new investments, a real magical forest will be created in the area of ​​the Great Forest, where in addition to the water tower, stadium and Strand water park bath will be bathed with light display in the evenings, as well as the Fog Theater, collectively, these will offer visitors another unique spectacle.