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The Institutions Are Reopening in Debrecen

The city’s social and cultural institutions, museums, tourist units, and sports facilities have developed a protocol that envisages a gradual re-opening that is as health-conscious as possible.

“Thanks to the vaccination strategy in Hungary, the moment has finally come that we can gradually, with due regard for and adherence to the appropriate health protection rules, begin to return to our normal life. I would like to ask the people of Debrecen to be careful about the re-opening, because we have not overcome the pandemic, the danger caused by the coronavirus has not disappeared, which is why I ask everyone to adhere to the health safety regulations to their entirety. We will ask for the protection certificate at the opening institutions, because in the current health situation it serves the safety of the people working there and for visitors, ”emphasized Mayor László Papp. 

The mayor added that there will be a gradual opening of cultural institutions, and the number of people in these places will also be limited.

The residential institutions of the DMJV City Social Service – Pallagi út institution, Szávay Gyula utca site – can be visited by those with a protection certificate and those under 18 years of age. Those who do not have a security certificate can visit their relatives living in the institution under the strict conditions previously prescribed, such as the provision of a separate visitor’s room or tent, the visitor and the visitor must wear a mask and observe other hygiene rules. Another new rule is that seniors with a vaccination card can leave institutions. Anyone who is not protected must produce a negative antigen rapid test all-clear result, if they return for more than 72 hours.

“In recent months, culture has been able to live its life in the city to a very limited extent, but I think our institutions have made sure that Debrecen is not left without experiences. In the form of online programs and shop window displays, through these alternative mediums we tried to keep the culture alive and, of course, we prepared for the moment that is finally coming, ”said Deputy Mayor István Puskás.

Initially, the cultural institutions in Debrecen will only provide the most basic of services. Cultural events, children’s sessions and museum pedagogical sessions are planned for later. For each institution, the number of visitors and spectators will be limited in an individually defined form in order to keep a safe distance.

  • The Agora, the Nagyerdei Cultural Park, the MODEM and the Déri Museum will open on May 1st
  • On May 3rd, the DEMKI and Méliusz Péter Juhász Library
  • On May 10th, the first performance of the Csokonai Theater will be Hamlet at the Nagyerdei Stadium. An indoor performance is planned for the middle of May, from the Pentecost weekend the people of Debrecen can meet public cultural events, mini performances, concerts
  • The Kodály Philharmonic Orchestra will give its first live concert on May 11th at the Kölcsey Center in Debrecen
  • The Bényi Hall of the Apollo Cinema and the Kölcsey Center will open on May 13th
  • The Vojtina Puppet Theater will open on Children’s Day on May 30th
  • The Nagyerdei Outdoor Stage will open with a concert on June 5th
  • The Summer Theater Evenings program series begins on June 8th

“In all parts of the Aquaticum and at the Lycium Hotel, users, including those arriving for medical purposes, can only use the water services with a security certificate. Guests under the age of 18 who do not have a COVID-19 all clear “security certificate” can only visit the institutions if they arrive under the supervision of an adult with a security card, ”said Virág Kocsi-Marossy, CEO of Debreceni Vagyonkezelő Zrt.

  • The thermal bath and the Mediterranean adventure pool are ready to open
  • The Aquaticum Hotel is currently open to business and educational travelers. It will also be open to leisure guests from 1st May
  • Hotel Lycium will open on Monday 3rd May
  • The beach will open on May 15th, depending on the weather

Debreceni Hőszszolgáltató Zrt. And Debreceni Vízmű Zrt. continue to maintain their existing protocols. There can be as many users in the client space as there are windows open plus one waiting person. In the customer area and in all rooms where a customer enters, the use of the mask and disinfectant will continue for both workers and customers, regardless of whether they are protected.

There will be no change in the case of DKV Debreceni Közlekedési Zrt. Thus, vehicles will be disinfected daily and mask wear is mandatory except for closed cab drivers. Ticket sales on vehicles, which have been temporarily suspended from 6th April, will continue to be maintained.

The DVSC women’s handball team and the DVSC football team will play in front of an audience again on Sunday. Upon entry, the security card will be checked at both locations. Protected fans and minors are not required to wear a mask.

The Sports Swimming Pool will also be open to the public in a time zone from May 1st, but the Ice Hall can be opened for a single day: on May 1st, the ice season will end with an afternoon public skating block.

The Sport Hotel is also prepared to receive non-business guests, of course with the protection certificate in mind. Ongoing consultations with sports unions are expected on sporting events.