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The Kodály Philharmonic is planning a Special Anniversary Season

The next classical music season in Debrecen was jointly announced by the Kodály Philharmonic in Debrecen and the Philharmonic Hungary on Tuesday at the Kölcsey Art Café.

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Dániel Somogyi-Tóth, director and artistic director of the Kodály Philharmonic Debrecen, said in connection with the cooperation between the two music companies, “that if we talk about the musical life of a big city, it is important to find strategic partners with whom we can plan for the future”. As the director of the recently established Debrecen Music Council, he emphasized that the city is facing developments that include several important anniversaries, including the fiftieth anniversary of the Kodály Choir, and the creation of a new concert hall.

Szabolcs Szamosi, the managing director of the Philharmonic Hungary, emphasized that although their cooperation is not new, it will be even more noticeable to the audience of Debrecen in the 2021/2022 season. A new joint season called Philharmonic Harmony was created, with which the public can see the first performance, Händel’s Theodora with the help of Emőke Baráth on November 2nd. As part of the OrgonaPont series, the Budapest company will give two concerts at the Szent Anna cathedral.

Last year’s Beethoven series will be replaced by the Brahms series next season, with László Kovács, the permanent conductor of the Kodály Philharmonic.  In the monumental piece Oratorio of the Prophet Elijah Mendelssohn, the world-famous Andrea Rost will be heard by the audience in Debrecen. The tunes of Wagner, Péter Wolf and Leó Weiner will be performed in a concert entitled Triple W. The conductor finally drew attention to the author’s evening of jazz pianist Kálmán Oláh.

Photo: Kiss Annamarie

They are opening a jubilee season

Zoltán Kocsis-Holper, the leading conductor of the Kodály Choir in Debrecen, first drew attention to the fact that the Kodály Choir will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of its official formation in 2021. On this occasion, the company will receive a separate season ticket for the next season, for which they are made with specialties. “Over the past five decades, the choir has tried to function according to the values ​​established in the past, and it has considered it important and valuable to present the works of contemporary composers,” the conductor said. In November, the concert, Pictures of Light, is set for the coming Advent. For lovers of American film music, the Kodály Choir will perform with a concert entitled I Came from America, and then they will perform with a performance at Lent in the Great Church. Zoltán Kocsis-Holper finally drew attention to a concert based on English choral traditions, in which a real world star, Bob Chilcott, known from King’s Singers, will participate as a conductor.

You can find the current news of the Kodály Philharmonic Debrecen, its upcoming concerts and information about season tickets here: https://www.kodalyfilharmonia.hu/

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