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The Summer Season Has Begun at the Csokonai Theatre

This summer the Csokonai theater opens the season with their own popular contemporary comedy “Testosterone”. The performance has previously also conquered the audience of the Great Forest Outdoor Theater.

The musical version of the boys on Pál Street and their adventures is a black comedy about male destiny, recorded by László Dés, Péter Geszti and Krisztián Grecsóthe theater will have two more performances in the Nagyerdő on July 2nd and 14th.

On July 7th and 8th, the Csárdás Queen will return, including timeless hits such as “Girls, Girls, Girls Angels…”, “Oh, kitten, I’ll eat that little mouth…” , “Your ragged life…”, “The woman shatters…”, and of course “Péter Hajmási, Pál Hajmási”. Performances start at 8:30 p.m.

Csárdás queen

Hamlet at the Great Forest Stadium on July 12th. 


The Opera Festival, prepared for the opening performance of the St. Ladislaus Days in Oradea, in which the audience can hear the eternal arias of Bellini, Verdi, Mozart and Puccini and details of popular operas, can be seen by Debrecen at the Csokonai Theater and Kodály Philharmonic on Tuesday 13th July at the Kölcsey Center. 

The evening revolves around the musical formulation of the holiday with the wonderful arias and ensembles of Vincenzo Bellini, Charles Gounod, Zoltán Kodály, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Amilcare Ponchielli, Giacomo Puccini, Giuseppe Verdi. 

Opera Holiday

Featuring: Norbert Antóni, Gergely Dargó, Annamária Donkó, Imre Donkó, Csaba Grega, Zsófia Janovicz, Klaudia Kuczmog, Anna Molnár, Kíra Nagy, Ágnes Rendes and Szilvia Szilágyi, as well as the Kodály Philharmonic and the Csokonai Theater. Faculty director Péter Gyülvészi, the conductor of the evening will be János Ács.

Tickets for the performances taking place at the Nagyerdei Outdoor Stage, and Hamlet at the Kölcsey Center can be purchased at the Ticket Office of the Víg Chamber Theater from 9 am to 12 noon, and from 1 pm to 7 pm, at the Ticket Office of the Csokonai Literary Laboratory (Kossuth utca 1.) between 1 pm and 5 pm. Alternatively tickets can be purchased online.