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Theatrical Premiere of “Fire Lily” in Debrecen

Wass Albert’s highly successful novel “The Witch of Funtinel” was staged by the Debrecen Folk Ensemble and won the title of Eternal Outstanding Ensemble. The premiere of the musical can be seen on the 14th of November on the main stage of the Kölcsey Center.

According to a national poll entitled The Great Book, the new stage version of the 11th most popular Hungarian novel faithfully follows the mythical story of Nuca, the Transylvanian fairy-witch, and her journey to becoming an adult and waking up to her own magic power and the tragic fate that awaited her. It brings to life the folk singing and solo guest artists, as well as the Bürkös orchestra, which has been recognized with several quality awards.

Vilmos Hercz, the Young Master of the Folk Art Award-winning director-choreographer and dreamed of an all-night dance theater performance based on Romanian musical styles and dances, fruitfully combining the regions and folk cultures of historical Hungary on an acoustic and visual level.

The latest big-stage performance of the Debrecen ensemble, which was the last guest in Israel and Turkey and this year also celebrates its 70th anniversary, will be characterized by a colorful cavalcade of frantic character and total dances, as well as brand new hand made costumes.

The Debrecen Folk Ensemble and the Bürkös Orchestra (Tamás Dezsőházi – violin, Antal Kerezsi – violin, Norbert Horváth – dulcimer, László Palazsnik – viola, Nagy Barna – percussion, double bass, Dániel Bólyv)

Debrecen Folk Ensemble

Music editors: Ildikó Bárdosi, Tamás Dezsőházi, László Palazsnik

Costume: Hercz Beáta Tamás Veresné, Ibolya Szigeti, Ilona Pataki Tóth Gyuláné

Co-choreographers: Anna Csontos, László Farkas, Dénes Kovács, Dániel Rozsáyi, István Vámosi, Hercz Beáta Tamás Veresné

Director-choreographer: Vilmos Hercz, Young Master of Folk Art Award

Vilmos Hercz – Choreographer

The theatrical premiere at the  Kölcsey Center: 14th November

Length of the one-part presentation: approx. 75 min

Source:  https://visitdebrecen.com/hu/hot-now/tuzliliom-osbemutato/