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Top Summer Terraces in Debrecen

Every year, summer seems to get hotter, so what better way to relax and cool off, while coming out of COVID19 lockdown in Debrecen than to enjoy a drink or a meal on a pleasant outdoor terrace?

If you seek pleasant civilized surroundings and an atmosphere that includes fun and laughter with friends or family. Then consider one of the below options.

Simonffy Street is often the go to destination for groups of friends looking for street food, including Hal Köz. Here there is a wide range of options, including Italian Pizza, burgers, mexican food and Vegan food as well as traditional Hungarian food.

There is something for everyone here.

However, if you are looking for a view, your options are best found elsewhere.

The below options are our favorites for terraces with a view.

The Aquaticum Strand

To the exterior of the newly opened (2020) Aquaticum Strand water park is the Aquaticum Strand, an area facing the Great Forest, Water Tower and the Football Stadium.  The newly opened “Strand” is a after-wellness hotspot, filled with cafes and restaurants serving ice cream, cakes and a wide range of street food.  This is a terrace area with a view, and the ideal place to relax and unwind, and for parents attending the waterpark with children, it is a place to recover on the extensive terrace area.  

The unified Terrace area, while new, was very successful in its first year and is well worth a visit if you are looking for a wide selection within a small area, especially if you are visiting the Water Park, Zoo or Park area.

Volt Egyszer

Both in the City and on the Water Park Strand

Just around the corner from Divino on Piac Ut. is the thriving Coffee Shop known as “Once Upon a Time” (Volt Egyszer), which is the mainstay of Debrecen’s student population.  It’s a chillout java house, that is a great alternative to the coffee chains, and serves quality coffee and cakes.  Consequently, it is very popular, partly due to its location and student vibe that it owns.  It has a small terrace facing Piac Ut with seating for around 15-20 people with small two person garden style tables and chairs.  

In addition to this central location, there is the newly opened (2020) Aquaticum Strand Water Park, opposite the Stadium, and Water Tower is their Great Park location.  Again it has a great terrace seating area to both the inside the Water park and on the exterior facing the forest area.


This centrally located winebar is situated just down from Kossuth Square on what is the highstreet of Debrecen, just a few steps away from the tramline in a pedestrianized area of Piac street.  It caters for wine lovers, and they serve cheese and other wine accompaniments. 

It’s an all round great experience when on their terrace overlooking Kossuth square facing towards the Great Reformed Church.  Granted, there is a fair bit of greenery in between, but while this greenery does obstruct the view and fountain somewhat, it also provides greater privacy.  The sound of the fountain in the background also has the desired relaxing effect.

Black Sheep

Black Sheep Roastery & Coffee

In what many consider to be the best coffee house in Debrecen, you can enjoy a freshly roasted coffee (roasted on-premises) and the tastiest of cakes in town, here we recommend visiting with a loved one.  The cool coffee house vibe is one of Starbuck’s before it became a chain, still unique and retaining its charm.  

The coffee shop has a terrace area out the front of the shop, and with the Melange Restaurant terrace opposite, in a green pedestrianized square, it makes for one of the best terrace areas in the city. Since it is located to the rear of the Forum Shopping center, it certainly wins the terrace area for convenience award.


Starbuck’s Debrecen: Image Source – Dehir.hu

There is something to be said for familiarity and the knowledge that what you order is exactly the same wherever you are, a home away from home where friends from the international crowd are unavoidably met.  In Debrecen, Starbucks has a decent sized terrace area, well-frequented by the local international student populous.

Its location is unbeatable adjacent to the entrance of Hotel Aranybika which is currently being renovated and repurposed.

IKON Restaurant and Lounge

Good food and good wine, renowned for its locally sourced farm produce.  IKON showcases the best of Hungarian gastronomy both traditional and modern

Keep an eye out for “The Menu” which is the special’s of the day, which are reasonably priced.  The terrace is without doubt, one of the best, on par with the Krudy’s, but while IKON is in the city center Krudy’s is in the great forest. 


Unbeatable Terrace – Wellness Zone of the Great Forest

The restaurant, accommodated by an atmospheric Nagyerdő mansion, conjures the flavors and aura of the age of the exceptionally talented Hungarian author Gyula Krúdy.

The terrace adjoining the restaurant guarantees a charming evening in the shades of the old oak trees of the Nagyerdő park.