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Zoltán Barabás – Ask and answer

This year has been difficult year with all the pandemic restrictions, and now in winter, the cold weather makes the outdoors less inviting. The theaters, cinemas, museums and restaurants are closed, and events are cancelled or postponed and curfews are making it difficult for us to move freely. 

We look forward to moving out of home again in the spring and traveling for a long weekend domestically or a small foreign vacation. Until then, all we have to do is tour at home and explore our own city, Debrecen, with a slightly different eye.

In this, we will be helped by key players in the local tourist life, who, among other things, “ask” week by week what their favorite places in the city are, what secret travel tips they can still discover while walking in the city, and why Debrecen is a good place.

This time , Zoltán Barabás , a high profile figure in the world of gastronomy and restaurateur, – the owner of the Barabás Restaurant, answered VisitDebrecen’s questions.

Zoltán Barabás

What were you wondering about last time in Debrecen?

Unfortunately, most recently, how quiet and deserted the city is. Otherwise, in the “free” period, how bustling and good the atmosphere is in Hal köz and its surroundings. The downtown has a fantastic atmosphere.

Fish in the evening
Summer evening during the Fish

What is your favorite place – attraction, building, street, etc. – In Debrecen?

The university building is always captivating. Monumental building and great architectural work. I love the buildings of the Great Forest, the silence of the forest, where I walk a lot with the Vizslam and little Bichon.

The main building of the University of Debrecen

Do you have any “secret” places in Debrecen that you would like to recommend to locals or visitors to Debrecen?

I love the corners and fresh air of the Great Forest. I wholeheartedly recommend Nagyerdő to families and couples visiting Debrecen, who would like to walk, run or even cycle, either in winter or summer, after visiting the city’s sights. Immerse yourself in the beauties of the forest!

The Great Forest Park

You’ve been to many parts of the world. Based on your travel experience, what makes Debrecen an attractive destination for foreign tourists?

I can call myself a lucky person because I have traveled the world with the except the American continent. I love the hustle and bustle, the beautiful landscapes, the beautiful buildings, the wines of the wonderful wine regions that really stand out in my memories. I only mention this because if others have lived their lives this way and want quieter, more peaceful places, then I think our city is suitable for spending one or two pleasant weeks in and around Debrecen in this way.

The center of Debrecen

If I were asked to help you shoot a feature film in Debrecen, what locations would you suggest for shooting?

The Reformed College, the university area, one of the local stylish restaurants, and of course all the nooks and crannies of the Great Forest for an adventurous scene.

The inner courtyard of the Debrecen Reformed College

Which season is the best in Debrecen?

Spring is my favorite season for me, so I recommend this season and summer to tourists who want to go to Debrecen.