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Wet Days with the Agora

How much fresh water can be used by humans on Earth? What kind of creatures live in a drop of water? What makes a lake pink? These questions can also be answered by anyone who follows the online programs of the Agóra Science Experience Center from 16th to 22nd of March on the experience center’s Facebook page and website. On the occasion of World Water Day, our most important natural resource is also in the spotlight in the Agora every March.

The video series, which shows tiny aquatic creatures, reveals whether the green eyelid covers green eyes, which part of the body the wheelworm carries its wheel on, and how the amoebas feed. Anyone who would like to learn more about these creatures should sign up for the online microscopy up workshop beginning at 2pm on Saturday the 20th, March.

On Saturday, the video series Creative Science allows kids to make their own ocean in a bottle with underwater waves, and a pilot demonstration of Sunday’s science special edition will show off all the “water tricks” and answer, among other things, whether an ice cube can sink to the bottom of the glass and pierce a bag filled with water so that nothing flows out of it.

As part of the Wet Days with Agora online program series, a number of exciting games await those interested over a one week period. Anyone can test their knowledge, for example, about waterfowl, fish species occurring in Hungary or protected animals that can be associated with water.

The programs are available on the Agora website: http://www.agoradebrecen.hu/programok-az-agora

Of the programs, only the online live microscope workshop Life in a Drop of Water is subject to registration, the rest are freely available.