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Art in a Box – Container Exhibition in the Main Square

The MODEM has arranged an exciting art display entitled “Art in a Box”. The display is housed in a container on the Kossuth square and show the video works of five contemporary artists closely connected to Debrecen. Due to the epidemiological situation, the works can be seen and viewed from outside, looking into the box for a period for 3 weeks.

MODEM has launched an unusual series of art unboxed displays during the epidemic, in which the collection of the art center has been unpacked in both the real and figurative sense of the word. More than 300 works of art are housed in their warehouse space. On a weekly basis they select some works and their creators, with whom they unpack a work and even the oeuvres themselves on the MODEM facebook page. While experimenting with this unfolding in virtual space, in their own physical reality, exhibitions and works of art continue to be forced into closed frames and behind glass or closed walls. In the grip of this paradox, they reopen closed, thanks to a linguistic coincidence, but with a new title. 

Art Box is a counterpart to the Virtual Art unboxed series where the unwrapped work is displayed in the main square within a glass enclosed container. Trusting in all the meanings of the word opening.

Judit Ágnes Gallai, Judit Lilla Molnár, Péter Pettendi Szabó, Károly Szabó and Lilla Váczi – iconic places and situations in Debrecen. Monument, housing estate, buzzer, tattoo, home, fire, water and flying – contemporary art unpacked, boxed .

The exhibition entitled Art in a Box can be seen in the container on Kossuth Square from March 13 to April 7, 2021 .