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Colorful new Birds the Debrecen Zoo Lake

Spring brought a new color to the spring runway of the Zoo, after a few pairs of red-shouldered, Carolina and mandarin ducks arrived. The special newcomers have already taken their place, where after the reopening, visitors will also be able to enjoy them in the company of swamp and jewel turtles moving out again after their winter rest. The renewable duck lake is expected to thrive on additional new species in the coming period.

Due to its beauty and easy keeping, the mandarin duck ( Aix galericulata ) from East Asia is now a widespread ornamental bird worldwide, and can be seen in the wild in many places, including Europe, where it lives in wooded areas near water. Although not on the IUCN Red List for non-threatened classification, its native populations in China, eastern Russia and Japan are declining due to deforestation.

The Aix is another, no-less splendid-looking wood duck ( Aix sponsa ), lives by lakes and swamps on the western and eastern parts of North America. Although it was a widespread waterbird on the continent, its population was declining by the 19th century, due to mass hunting, deforestation, and swamp drainage, but as a result of legal protection and resettlement the population has now stabilized.

Also from overseas is the red- shouldered duck ( Callonetta leucophrys ), which lives in the tropical swamp-forest areas of South America. It got its name from its deep red dorsal plumage, and its curiosity is that it also deftly travels among trees with its strong claws, which it uses mainly when nesting.