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World Animal Week @ Zoo & Amusement Park

The Debrecen Zoo celebrates World Animal Week and the Great Forest with the richest collection ever, expanding even in recent weeks with special species.

Every year since 1931, we celebrate World Animal Day on October 4th, St. Francis of Assisi, which is also revered as the patron saint of animals and is marked in red on all animal-friendly calendars to raise awareness of the importance of protection and welfare of all wild and human-groomed animals. It is now a long-standing tradition that on the occasion of this famous day, the Debrecen Zoo tries to bring many wonders of the living world closer to those interested for a whole week – between October 4th and 10th this year with thematic guides and presentations.

Following the zoo’s population growth, its expanded collection is awaiting visitors. Visitors are able to admire several flocks of birds now supplemented with exotic pheasants, pigeons, and parrots; gain insight into Africa’s nocturnal wildlife at a social show of Senegalese earbugs and Egyptian fruit-eating bats; on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays you can follow the raids of the majestic Asian lion pair, Kamal and Hima; you can get to know another prominent representative of the South American fauna, the Great Mara and the Nandu; as well as rarities such as the South African roach and the Sudanese zebra. Of course, there was no shortage of blessings this year: chicks were born in the green-winged and blue-yellow macaws, three calves were born in the moose herd, pocket babies are raised in the Bennett kangaroos, and the first large haired tattoo puppy was born.

The week makes it even more special, that time will be the civic city’s green crown introduce nature and the environment, as well as culturally destined to Nagyerdő week, which is organizing next to the Debrecen Depository Commission and a number of contributing partners joining the Debrecen Zoo own programs.

From October 4th to 10th, visitors will be guided to the zoo from 1:00 p.m. and from the fragrance garden every day from 1:00 p.m., and in the park, you will be able to read many excerpts inspired by the Great Forest during your walks and with the Nimród Round Forest Association together with a lecture and presentation entitled Our Historical Heritage on Agar, they got acquainted with the agar sport called coursing. They also set up a thank-you tree on which you can place your short thank-you messages for the Great Forest every day between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. with the help of their staff.

Participation in the World Animal Week and Great Forest Week programs is included in the price of the zoo ticket.

Further details:  www.zoodebrecen.hu

Newcomers to the zoo collection

News about the newcomers to Debrecen Zoo comes almost weekly. The collection has recently grown with another special, never-before-seen species (in Debrecen) after receiving a pair of jackfruit parrots from the Szeged Game Park. In recent weeks, the zoo’s Greek tortoise population has also flourished, a total of six healthy offspring were born to them. What is interesting about the little things that grew up behind the scenes of the Palm House was that three of them saw the light of day in the hatchery of the institution and three in an all-natural way, in their private – the latter took longer to hatch due to the lower temperature. The adult public is sure to meet their adult peers for a few more weeks at the Mediterranean passage between the Zoo and the Amusement Park before retreating to their winter rest area.

The Debrecen Amusement Park awaits you with the last all-day unlimited experiences of the year!

The country’s only theme park will host the highly successful Armband Weekend between October 9th and 10th this year for the last time, with guests displaying their armband tickets able to use all-slot machines of the institution all day, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Armband tickets that provide unlimited use of gaming machines can be redeemed at the same price, ie HUF 3,900 for children and only HUF 3,500 for adults, at the cash desks of the institution during the event or by providing convenient and accelerated access in online pre-order.