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Developments Underway in Debrecen 2021

There are several important developments, recently announced, currently underway or scheduled to begin in 2021 which will effect the economy, tourism and culture.

Debrecen Tourism Developments

Tourism is one of the sectors most affected by the coronavirus but investment continues. Deputy Mayor Diána Széles reported on the future plans on the Debrecen Television program and revealed that the complete renewal of the Pagony playground is not far away. The playground will be designed according to the novel “Kék Sziget” of Magda Szabó. The park will be a four-season place where even birthdays can be organized. Construction plans will be presented soon.

A new tourist info point will also be set up in the town hall building. The continuation of the promenade of the Aquaticum Debrecen Beach will be expanded with a Magic Forest. What this entails is an expansion of 3,000 square meters, and will include a playground, benches, thousands of plants and even a light display will be built at Pope John Paul II. Square. The renovation of the Aquaticum and the development of its attractions will also be on the agenda, she added.

New Tour Info Point

Tourism will certainly be one of the winners of the second phase of the Civaqua program the goal of which is to restore the excursion function of Lake Vekeri and Lake Fancsikai by transporting the water of the Tisza  through an  underground pipeline to Debrecen. 

Cultural developments in Debrecen

Currently, two theater developments are underway in Debrecen: the Theater Csokonai; and the Theater Latinovits.

In addition to the central stage, there will also be a studio theater and ballet hall in the Latinovits Theater. The project will include a total of 3,912 square meters of floor space, including the following primary rooms: a lobby (Foyer), a multifunctional space (Orfeum), a studio theater, and well as a theater academy, – ballet room and rehearsal rooms. The main stage technology is currently under development. 

The renovation of the Csokonai Theater is also on schedule and it will be renewed in its exterior and interior. The renovation includes the renewal of the facade, the replacement of doors and windows, and the restoration of the sculptures.

The auditorium will be expanded by almost forty percent to provide visitors with a full view of the stage. Modern stage, lighting and sound technology will be created, and a complete mechanical renovation is essential for operation.

The demolition work is expected to finish at the end of February, and restoration and architectural work will begin in March.

Debrecen 2030 economic development strategy

The objective of the economic development strategy of Debrecen 2030 is to achieve the unified economic development of the entire Eastern Hungarian region in cooperation with other cities in the region. In addition to developing production plants such as BMW, that  will exclusively manufacture electric cars in Debrecen, a HUF 55 billion railway investment  also takes place, resulting in renewing an 11.6-kilometer section from the city in the northwestern economic zone. 

While the plans of Debrecen Main Railway Station need to be revised due to the recent large industrial and economic developments, the Petőfi Square will undergo a significant transformation. The green area will be significantly increased in the 1.7-hectare area, playgrounds, promenades and cafes will be established, and a lake of 500-600 square meters will also be included in order to provide an appropriate microclimate.