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Zsuzsi Railway Awaits on the Long Weekend

The charming forest of Hármashegyalja, 17 km from the city is a great place to spend the long weekend. The forest is also the end stop of Zsuzsi, Hungary’s oldest narrow-gauge railway where those interested can take part in diverse programs on the long weekend (23 – 25 October). 

The special programs will focus on the protection of natural values ​​and the introduction of the forest community to visitors. Those interested can learn more about the unique flora and fauna of the resting forest of Hármashegyalja as part of an open-air autumn tour with a special atmosphere.

On Saturday, families are invited to special professional herbs and leaf collecting tour with the environmental educator Edit Varga. Those interested can also taste teas made from local herbs,  while on Sunday, with the help of tour guide Aliz Varga, visitors are invited to participate in the “Forest Tour in the Sign of Autumn” program.

Of course, the children’s favorite, the bird of prey demonstration cannot be missed. The program will be done by the Hortobágy Bird Park – Bird Hospital Foundation and the Bird School. Those interested can also take part in a small railway history exhibition and a field table presentation.

Festive train schedule for Saturday and Sunday (24 and 25 October):

  • Diesel locomotive departs from the station at Ruyter Street 1 at 9 AM and 1 PM; and leaves from Hármashegyalj 11 AM and  3 PM.

Source: https://www.dehir.hu/debrecen/az-erdo-hetere-varja-a-csaladokat-debrecen-kicsi-gozose-a-zsuzsi/2020/10/19/