Welcome to Debrecen!


Bori – Project Manager

Due to my folk-dancer past, I visited Hortobágy quite often to perform on festivals, study folk dance in camps, or just go on an excursion in the beautiful “puszta” whose history had been closely linked to Debrecen for centuries. The memory of the magical world of the puszta-safari with the wild horses and the aurochs, the sight of the Hungarian grey cattle herds, and the taste of the famous Hungarian Puszta-dish, “slambuc” prepared by local horsemen will remain in my heart forever. If you want to take a break and escape the noisy city, it is a must to visit Hortobágy, located only a half an hour drive from Debrecen. There you can observe the everyday life of herdsmen and taste the most authentic Hungarian goulash in the “Nagycsárda” (Big Inn), where the famous scamps used to eat and drink hundreds of years ago.

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