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An 800-Square Meter Ice Rink Is Under Construction in Kossuth Square

In three weeks’ time, the skating rink on Kossuth Square will open at the same time as the Christmas market on the 26th November.

The main square ice rink is already under construction, with around 800 square meters of skating rink in front of the church.  Last season, nearly 10,000 school children and 16,500 individual visitors came to the ice rink, with most of the city’s schools bringing their pupils. There were also a number of organized programs at the rink, with more than three thousand people taking part.

The city’s energy-saving program also covers the ice rinks, so there will be no skating at the Great Forest Stadium this year, but there will be skating in front of the Reformed Great Church with the construction of the rink beginning this week.

The Kossuth Square ice rink will open on 26th November 2022, open every day, and will feature an ice disco with different themes: ’60s and ’70s style, sci-fi disco, and more. Skate rental will also be available on-site. This rink will be open until the end of the holiday season.

The traditional Christmas fair will also take place from 26th November 2022. There will be decorated tree houses on Kossuth Square, Dósa Nádor Square, Csapó Street, and Rózsa Street. 

As in the past, the experience will be as wide-ranging as ever, with 23 catering outlets and almost 94 traders. Decorated stalls will offer handicraft products, elaborate Christmas decorations, seasonal gifts, delicious delicacies, and special culinary delights.

The traditional Advent market is open from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays and from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekends until 23rd December.

The Advent program alternates between children’s and adult events, with performances by many great musicians, while  anyone can discover the wonder of handmade gifts in the “Adventi Kuckó” (Advent House), located in Kossuth Square.

Source and photo credit: dehir.hu