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Celebrating 20 Years of Kossuth Square

This year 20 years ago in Debrecen, Kossuth Square, was completed and officially opened to much fanfare. It was a long time in the making. Viktor Orbán who was Prime Minister then, as he is now, reflected at the time saying that “the brand new main square was also a sign that a strong, independent, free, prosperous and educated country was being built”.

Image Source: Hanon

“The crowd started in the morning, and Kossuth Square was busy all day, but also the entire area around Csapó Street. There was traditional country music all day long, including the Phoenix Brass Ensemble, the Debrecen Festival Bigband and several military bands, as well as staggers and artisans, who entertained the visitors, ” Prime Minister Viktor and Mayor Lajos Kósa were also in attendance.

The handing over ceremony took place in the evening and The Prime Minister emphasized that it was a culmination of a three-decade dream that had come true, and it was a great thing that the locals had built an imposing space not for forced parades but for their own pleasure

“For it seems that a nation is plagued by dictatorship as a result of bad governance, but great dreams and great plans arise from being its own master. Today, the position of the stars over Hungary is lucky, and the unity of the nation, the common future, is in its infancy,” said Viktor Orbán.

Then as now,  the festive series the little ones were entertained by puppet shows, children’s musical programs, but there was also a playhouse and an asphalt drawing competition. And one of the downtown confectioneries offered a thousand-slice cake decorated with a phoenix coat of arms to the residents of the city.

Source: Haon.hu