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Developments at Lake Vekeri

In the spring, both the local population and visitors alike enjoy taking walking excursions in the vicinity of Debrecen, and so it is always a pleasure if hikers are provided with suitable conditions and facilities.

Nyírerdő Zrt. Renovated several outdoor attractions and experience elements in the popular Vekeri Lake recreation center, such as the cargo bridge at Lake Vekeri, where only the concrete pillars remained, but the wooden parts, support beams, floor boards and railings were replaced entirely. The bridge can now even be used by car up to a weight of 3.5 tons.

This is important because Lake Vekeri could be the venue for many events in the coming months and years, and so good accessibility to the area is essential. As part of the investment, four outdoor rest areas (including a table and benches) were built and eight rubbish bins were placed.

Lake Vekeri is one of the most popular places in the Erdőspuszta of Debrecen, it is a place where Debrecen people like to walk, relax or have a picnic. Created in the 1970s, the artificial lake has evolved over the decades from a resting place into an excellent reed-mat wild water, with charming wooden bridges and picnic areas, planted grove forests, so the area also has become a natural wonder, ideal for nature lovers.

Photo: András Májinka

Around Lake Vekeri, there are forest hiking trails, lookouts points and playgrounds offer additional close-to-nature experiences, but the beautiful Panorama Road, the Bánki Recreation Center and Arboretum and the also popular Fancsikai Lakes can be found.

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