Welcome to Debrecen!


Showcase Exhibitions City Wide

In recent months, we have become accustomed to store front exhibitions, enclosed behind glass from their traditional venues at museums and galleries which have been closed. We like the arts to get closer to us in this way, so we are happy to announce new showcases, done partly in combination with the City Day of Debrecen on April 11th, which again smuggle a little visual experience into the everyday life of those who visit.

  • Regina Bicycle Shop (Böszörményi út): The postcard exhibition of Dr. Attila Nagy in Debrecen
  • Kismandula Confectionery (Ady park): Exhibition of Gabriella Meszner and Krisztina Füleki
  • Once upon a time there was a café (Kossuth tér): the exhibition of the photographer András Máté
  • Margó English clothing store (Csapó utca): The exhibition of graphic artist Ákos László
  • Shops in Kálvin tér: The exhibition of the painter Adrienn Nagy
  • Kossuth tér festival container and the former Alexandra bookstore (Piac utca 34-36.): An exhibition honoring the forty-year twin relationship between Toyama and Debrecen, Japan
  • Vojtina Puppet Theater: Poetry Day Exhibition (Kálvin Square)
  • Kölcsey Center: An exhibition of Natural History (Hunyadi utca 1-3.)

Photo Credits: János Miskolczi