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From cellar to attic – Autumn Festival of Museums at MODEM

Since 2006, the Autumn Festival of Museums has been an annual series of cultural events over an extended period. Its aim is to promote museums in a broad sense, not only to draw attention to museums, but also to keep it alive with exciting, modern, entertaining, and year-round programs.

As part of the Autumn Festival of Museums, visitors are welcome to MODEM on 28 October 2023, where they will be shown from cellar to attic how one of Hungary’s largest contemporary art centers works.

Guests will have the opportunity to view Marcell Esterházy’s TIMELINES exhibition and a selection from MODEM’s collection of films. They will show you what is hidden in a museum’s art warehouse and what happens in a research room during the processing of an art object.

Programs in Hungarian:

15:00 Engine house Tour
15:30 Research room tour
16:00 Engine house tour
16:30 Research room tour
17:00 Artifacts Tour and guided tour in the collection (regisztracio@modemart.hu)
18:00 Guided tour in the Timelines exhibition

Programs in English:

15:00 Guided tour in the Timelines exhibition
16:00 ArtifactsTour (regisztracio@modemart.hu)
18:30 Guided tour in the Along the Line exhibition

* The event is free for everyone, pre-registration is required for our ArtifactTour.

Exclusive programs:

15:00 ArtworksTour and guided tour of the collection
16:00 Guided tour in the Timelines exhibition
17:00 Coffee break on the 2nd floor
17:30 Research room tour
18:00 Engine house tour