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Jupiter and Saturn can be Observed – Stargazing @ Agóra

Watching stars has been a favorite pastime since ancient times. In the middle of summer, the Milky Way emerges above our heads, and we can see the night sky more clearly including the phenomenon of shooting stars.

Meteor swarms can appear in the night sky for several weeks from the end of July until the end of August and are a sight to behold. The most suitable places for observing meteors and stars are in locations that are “sky parks” of which there are several in Hungary. These locations are free from obstacles and light pollution.


Due to the dark location, less shining, special shooting stars in these places can also be detected.  Since they can appear anywhere in the sky, it is very important that the whole sky be free of light pollution in order to see the bright stars running through the sky well.

We have the opportunity to explore the sky in Hungary including the Pannon Csillagda in Bakonybél, the Polaris Observatory in Óbuda, the Zselic Star Park, Hortobágy, or at the Agóra Science Experience Center in Debrecen.

Participants can “walk-around” the Solar System and then, after a short presentation, peek at the stars at the next night-time telescope stargazing program of the Agóra Science Experience Center.  In the case of bad weather, the astronomer of Agora gives a lecture and uses a simulator program to show the secrets of the sky.

The program is recommended for the age of 10 and above.

Next stargazing event: 7th August 2020, 8:30 PM

(Meeting at the gates of the Agora)

Tickets for the two-hour program are available in limited numbers at a price of HUF 2,500. Reservation via phone  0036 52 518 620  is required.