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The Future Petőfi Square – 3D Rendering of Plans

Another public space is facing a spectacular renewal in Debrecen. As part of the Green City Program, the “city gate”, Petőfi Square located in front of the Grand Station, will soon be completely renewed. There are also plans to have new green areas, promenades, a playground, water attractions and an urban history study trail in the square. The details were reported at a press conference.


At the event, Mayor László Papp said that the renovation of Petőfi Square was part of the main railway station project, which, however, will only be implemented in the coming years. However, they do not want to wait for the development of the railway station with Petőfi Square.

– It is one of the oldest public parks in the city , the centuries have significantly shaped the image of the square. We want to turn it into an important, cozy place, the mayor said.

The contractor will have ten months to renovate the 17,000-square-foot space.

– During February, we plan to launch the public procurement procedure, after which the contractor can take over the Square for development in the summer. We would like to create a small aquatic life in the middle of the square, and a wood-covered terrace will be connected to this lake, and a rubber-covered playground will also be located here – László Papp presented the plans.


The mayor pointed out that an urban history study trail will also be placed on site. They would commemorate the typical buildings that once stood on Petőfi Square in the form of information panels.

The program also includes the renovation of the intersection of Piac Street and Holló János Street. Here, three thousand square meters of green space will be created with shrubs and perennials. The grass area will be renewed on six thousand square meters. In addition, the promenades and sidewalks surrounding the square will be renovated, as well as the addition of several new promenades .

László Papp pointed out that special attention is also paid to public safety , as according to the mayor, the space is a sensitive area from the point of view of public safety. 14 cameras will monitor the renovated Petőfi Square, thus ensuring property and public safety.

Member of Parliament László Pósán believes that the changes taking place in the locations of the Green City Program all serve to improve the quality of life of Debrecen residents, to improve their well-being, and these innovations also contribute greatly to the urban environment.

– With all such developments, the green space will be significantly increased and renewed. With Petőfi Square , Debrecen will have a new, lovable environment where young people, the elderly and families can meet each other – László Pósán pointed out.

Local government representative Aurélia Orosz Ibolya emphasized that the installation of cameras and new street lamps in the area is an important element of the program , as this will allow us to look at Debrecen on this side of the site differently.

“This is a great opportunity for the people of Debrecen to get a space where everyone prefers to go and spend their free time,” said Aurélia Ibolya Orosz.

Municipal representative József Hetei emphasized that, as well as the Sóház district, this area is also important for the Green City Program.

– In Petőfi Square, the common intention of the people living here and the city management will be realized in another stage of the Green City Program. It was timely to create an aesthetic, safe, livable environment here – said József Hetei.

Source: Dehir.hu