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Modem Celebrating 15th Anniversery – Exhibition

Modem, the Center for Modern and Contemporary Art in Debrecen has been closed for more than a quarter of a year due to COVID-19. During this time the institution created face masks, which was distributed to employees of health care institutions, nursing homes, the local government, the civil guard, and rural clinics.

With the strictest health standards in mind, it reopened its doors to the public on June 19th.

MODEM Center of Modern & Contemporary Art
MODEM Center of Modern & Contemporary Art

Since then, they had an exhibition opening, held creative camps for children, and have been open for rescheduled programs. They have also painted more than a hundred yellow circles called “safety distance circles” all across the city center, from the zoo to downtown.

The aim of these circles is to draw attention to safety distance, to provide a community experience without contact, and to fill public spaces with cultural content. By scanning the QR code that is on the circles, various videos, performances, and where music productions can be watched on mobile devices.

Modem, Center for Modern and Contemporary Art, will celebrate its 15th anniversary of opening its gates this fall and they are planning to celebrate it with the largest international exhibition of the institution to date, entitled “The Paris Abstraction”. 

The exhibition has been organized for two years and would have opened in September this year, however, due to the pandemic it has been rescheduled to next year.

Now, it is planned to open late May, early June in 2021 and stay open until the actual date of the 15th birthday of Modem in 2021. Their international partners – from the Pompidou to the Belvedere – are willing to accommodate the change in dates.  

In addition to this large international exhibition, the exhibition of the oeuvre of the artist Balázs Kicsiny is scheduled to open to the public in November, while the jubilee exhibition planned for local graphic artists will open on 22nd October.

The exhibition of László Hadházi and Balázs Antal is expected to be open at the end of the year. While the international exhibition of youth artists can be seen next year.