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MODEM is Waiting for the Reopening with Three Exhibitions

Despite the current restrictions, life was not stopped in the Modem Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts. Even though the centre has been closed to the public for a while now, the team of MODEM is still working on existing and planned exhibitions. 

Edit Koroknai, managing director of Modem, said they have been waiting for months for the public to return to the institution again. During the lockdown they undertook a program to interview to two artists each week, both about their work and the current situation. The program is called Art unboxed

Once MODEM can open, Balázs Kicsiny’s oeuvre exhibition entitled “Wasting time” can be seen In the main exhibition space. A large, hall-like space was created by demolishing walls. Here 12 large-scale installations are in dialogue with each other. The works are made in different places and time, and it can be seen together for the first time. 

On the ground floor Zsolt Ferenczy’s exhibition entitled Klónia can be seen, while the joint exhibition of Balázs Antal and László Hadházi will be hosted on the third floor. It is entitled “Kisadózók”  and it presents the parallels between the construction industry and the art world.