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Debrecen Celebrates the 200th Anniversary of the National Anthem

22 January is the anniversary of the birth of the Hungarian National Anthem written in 1823 by the famous Hungarian poet Ferenc Kölcsey (one of the most important characters of 19th century Hungarian literature) who finished the manuscript of the anthem on this day. This date is the celebration of the Hungarian culture, which has been held since 1989 in every year across the globe in Hungary as well as abroad.

Hungarian cultural and art institutes around the world are preparing special events to commemorate the day to pay more attention to Hungarian millennial traditions, to the roots and strengthening of national identity.

In 2023, January 22 marks a special anniversary as the National Anthem was written exactly 200 years ago. The National Day of Hungarian Culture this year thus focuses on the legacy of poet Ferenc Kölcsey and the Hungarian National Anthem.

Among the many events held on the National Day of Hungarian Culture, a new exhibition opens in Debrecen at Bényi Gallery. On the exhibition entitled On the Track of the Hungarian National Anthem – 200 years’ Imprints on the Homeland of Kölcsey a series of photographs are showcased taken by Oradea-born photographer István Tóth. The artist, internationally acknowledged by AFIAP and ESFIAP awards and president of Euro Foto Art International Association, took photos in the most important places of the life of Ferenc Kölcsey in Hungary and the Partium (now in Romania). Debrecen, Szatmárcseke, Álmosd, Nagykároly and Sződemeter are the five cities the artist visited tracing the life of Kölcsey and the imprints of one of his most famous poems, the National Anthem.

The exhibition containing 45 art photos was born as a result of a cross-border cooperation between Debrecen’s Bényi Gallery and Partium House to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Hungary’s National Anthem.

The opening ceremony is held on January 22, 2023, at 3 p.m. at the street side of Bényi Gallery (Hunyadi Street).

Welcome speech is given by István Puskás Dr. Deputy Mayor of Debrecen and István Stanik Manager of Debrecen’s Partium House.

Opening speech is held by Ferenc Vitéz art writer.

The exhibition can be seen in the shopwindow of Bényi Gallery from January 22 to March 5, 2023.