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Post New Year’s Eve Sauna Marathon at Aquaticum Sauna World

With the arrival of the chilly wintertime, it is time for a steamy sauna once again. It is good to know that sauna is not only a pleasant wellness experience, but also has great health benefits: it strengthens the immune system, detoxifies, beautifies the skin, hardens the blood vessels, and its muscle-relaxing effect is equivalent to a good massage. For the health-conscious person, a sauna provides an excellent opportunity to reduce stress, relax, and revitalize mental and physical wellness.

The Aquaticum Sauna World provides ideal conditions for all this. The large facility features several saunas, two separate relaxation rooms, and a relaxation garden, as well as sun loungers, mood lighting, and soft relaxation music to help guests relax and unwind.

The Aquaticum Sauna World regularly awaits guests with sauna marathons the first of which is held on January 21 and 22. The Post New Year’s Eve Sauna Marathon awaits guests for two days with 18 sauna masters and 26 programs.

Sauna masters: the sauna masters of Aquaticum SPA
Guest sauna masters: Zsanett Pető, Ildikó Molnár and Géza Barna

Detailed program of the sauna marathon can be found HERE.

Participation fee: 800 HUF/program/person
Booking: szaunavilag@aquaticum.hu
Information: +36 52 514 150