Welcome to Debrecen!


Traditional bread makers’ meeting in Debrecen.

The aim of this event, held each year is to bring bread lovers together to get to know each other and exchange experiences. Our goal is to bring back the concept of real sourdough bread, its variations, and its original flavours.

The sourdough competition will have two categories, white semi-brown, bread and bread rolls. The competition is only open to private individuals, i.e. home bakers, and bakeries were not allowed to compete.

The important bit for visitors: The bread entered into the competition will be tasted by the audience, exhibiting bakers, farmers, and millers present!

Of course, professional bakeries will be present sharing their expertise and offering their products to attendees.

The judging of the competition bread will be open to the public and will take place in a peaceful spot by Lake Bekas between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m., with a panel of renowned gastronomic experts. The results will also be announced on the spot from 4 p.m.

The first three winners will receive a certificate and the winner will also take home a bread-making machine, courtesy of KitchenAid, to help them make bread at home.

The best creations will be awarded a certificate and a valuable KitchenAid robot device.