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Best of Déri Museum Collections Exhibition

The exhibition entitled “EgyediLEG című időLEGes” at the Déri Museum presents the most outstanding works of art from the museum’s collections in a unique arrangement, selected according to individual criteria and from an unusual perspective.

The opening of the exhibition took place on the 9th of April 2022, where, after a welcome speech of Dr. Lajos Lakner, Deputy Scientific Director of the Déri Museum and Deputy Mayor of Debrecen Dr. István Puskás, Dr. József Kotics, Associate Professor at the University of Miskolc, opened the exhibition. 

According to István Puskás, the exhibition is not only sophisticated and scientifically authentic but also highly entertaining. 

“The trend in museums lately has been to try to be interesting and innovative, both in terms of the exhibits and the design. There is also a friendly competition between exhibitions with everyone trying to attract attention somehow. The Déri Museum is now doing this with a particularly creative exhibition,” the deputy mayor said.

By putting together the exhibition, the museum wanted its museologists to highlight the so-called “best items”, as the oldest, or in terms of color, or even the emotion the works inspire – the most peaceful items, for example.

The aim is to help visitors to get a range of issues, from the very small things to the very big issue of global warming. 

Visitors can also discover unusual pairs of items, such as a house blessing and a gas mask; real and fake; fragile eggs and sledgehammers. 

Of course, ‘the best’ is a matter of opinion, a matter of perspective, and, in the eye of the beholder.

What do you think?

The exhibition is open until the 25th of June 2022.