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International Red Panda Day

Observed on September 16 this year, International Red Panda Day aims to connect the public with this unique and highly threatened species and raise awareness of the importance of conservation efforts.

The third Saturday in September has been all about these cute bamboo eaters ever since we joined the European Ex Situ Program (EAZA EEP) for red pandas in 2014, but now major celebrations are in order with the birth of Mei, our first ever red panda cub, on June 18, after a decade of preparations!

Come visit us next Saturday to learn all about the 3-month-old little one and parents Maci and Pandita, with commented feeding events in the morning and afternoon and fun facts like where Maci’s twin sister was transferred to support a reintroduction program and where red pandas’ favorite bamboo comes from.

A thematic arts-and-crafts corner will await all who wish to make their very own red panda memento. If you want to support our work in red panda conservation, please consider becoming a foster parent to Maci, Pandita and Mei or buying their souvenir coin in direct support of their welfare.

All events and activities are free of charge for zoo visitors.

Activities by the Red Panda Enclosure:
9:30 – Introduction to Bamboos
10:00 – Red Panda Feed
10:00-15:00 – Arts-and-crafts Corner
10:00-15:00 – Adopt a Red Panda
15:00 – Red Panda Feed